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Glow Health and Weight Loss are a team of experienced naturopaths here to help you reach your health or weight loss goals.

Experience the Glow Diet Plan and learn how to lose weight and be healthy, the naturopath’s way.

Utilising advanced scientific technology called VLA Bioimpedance your body fat, muscle mass, muscle quality, biological age, energy production and response to treatment will be monitored. You will also see how toxicity and inflammation in the body will affect these biomakers of ageing. You will be provided with a computerised printout detailing how much body fat you need to lose according to your frame, height, age and gender and whether you have adequate muscle according to these criteria or need to gain a specified minimal amount of muscle mass for a healthy metabolism.

Health problem? Glow have the answer with their comprehensive health programs and diagnostic tools. See our Health Menu to view our range of health programs.

Read the inspiring stories of Glow clients such as Kaye Garton who has lost 16 kilos and her IBS symptoms have gone! "You read about these things in magazines, well it really happened to me. I am a new woman."

Also Bryan, "I was introduced to Glow Health and Lisa over two years ago, and my wife and I now consider her to be a good friend and our Health mentor. Glow Health and Lisa have changed our lives."

Or read Belinda's story after she completed the Glow Detox, "Lisa has taught me how to respect, and listen to my body - and this will ensure I achieve long term health and happiness. I feel like this is just the beginning of my new healthy life."

And read about Jane's story and many more...."I think the high point was when I ran in to one of my mum’s friends in South Yarra.  She was convinced that I had had some ‘work done’ because I looked so wonderful and happy!" 

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